Corporate Golf

Corporate Golf

Golf is well known as a sport closely linked to business and networking and as such the golf course is the perfect setting for entertainer your team, clients and suppliers.

With vast experience in golf events and partner venues across the India, IGPN is a trusted provider or high quality corporate golf events. Our expertise can be relied upon to deliver all of golf and catering expectations, whilst giving your event a personal touch for a memorable day out.

Our expansive choice of categories will help us to work with your company to tailor the event to your specific requirements, standards and budget. Giveaways, can be arranged in conjunction with our key partner Callaway Golf & etc., who provide high quality shirts, caps which can be personalized with your company logo, event headline and clients names and any other bespoke personal touches to your merchandise. Signage requirement can be designed, built and delivered to the venue by our marketing department or assembled on site if branding has already been acquired.

Our team of dedicated Golf professionals are on hand to make your golf day a unique and memorable experience with the option of golf clinics, to suit both experienced and non golfers with a maximum of ten guests per instructor. In addition the array of short game and long game challenges prior to your round and unique on course experiences will be sure to give the golf day an edge, with the option of beat the pro competitions or an on course “play with the pro” experience for VIP guests.

Golf Tournament

We love getting out on the course and playing, after all this is what the game of golf is all about. We create tournaments which suited the sponsor demands. We have a variety of tournaments. Below gives an overview of all these tournaments. For more info or to sign up, click the pictures!

Golfing Day Out

Exclusive golfing day out gives a unique & memorable experience to your clients. Treat your clients with 9 holes golf game on a Golf Course with a Pro followed by a Golf Clinic under Mr. Monish Bindra. It is the ultimate golf experience for an Amateur Golfer.

Golf Clinic

IGPN Golf Academy will entertain and educate your employees and clients with a range of tailored golf programs during your company events. These programs can be customized to specific requirements, ranging from fun games and competitions to focused game improvement sessions. Our personalized golf clinic is a great addition to your company’s event and can set you apart from your competitors.

We also work closely with hotel partners to assist you with accommodation arrangements.
Golf Clinic for Clients
Golf Clinic for Employees
Golf Clinic for Employees Family

BBQ Golf Night

Night golf is basically playing golf at night time while the golf course is being lit by floodlights. Night golf courses can usually be found in areas where the temperature is still pleasant enough to play golf when the sun sets. Interested in night golf? Golf will be followed by Barbeque Night.

Golf Clinic for Non Golfer & round of golf for Golfers. Fun Golfing activities like Longest Drive, Straightest Drive, Putting & many more can be organised.

In House Simulation Golf Program within Office Complex

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