Why Should Golf Be A Part Of Corporate Culture

1. Build Brand Awareness and Increase Corporate Responsibility

Getting involved in golf provides an opportunity for any company, large or small, to be a part of the community, create brand awareness, and garner positive PR.
Sponsoring a local charity tournament is a great way to get involved in a cause that resonates with employees, builds rapport with the community, and even offers recruiting and networking opportunities.

2. Recruiting/Interviewing/Networking

Once on the course, professionals can use the time to network with other in their industry, recruit talent, or learn more about a candidate.
Golf has long been a game that tested the character and integrity of those who choose to play.

3. Team Building

In addition to creating culture and growing a brand, golf can be a great way to strengthen your team.
This can be a great way to not only learn to work and communicate as a team, but also get to know co-workers outside the office.
This often leads to lasting relationships and increased employee retention rates.
Sharing the golf experience will also lead to greater communication and trust in the workplace, which will translate into a more productive work force.

4. Increased Productivity

It’s a proven fact that getting out the office increases productivity and encourages a healthy lifestyle.
Golf provides the perfect opportunity to get outdoors, enjoy the weather, and increase creativity, all while getting some much needed exercise.
Golf has been shown to increase strength, balance, and concentration while offering all of the cardiovascular benefits of walking. Even playing golf using a cart can burn about 900 calories per round.