Summer Camp 19


Kel- Llewellyn

Monish Bindra, in 1994 consequent upon the success of being declared the Rookie of the year for his next level of coaching went to Kel Llewellyn the “Guru of Modern Swing Mechanics “ at Geelong , Australia. First hand instruction continued to flow from Kel during the ensuing 7 years, on his visits, who provided necessary guidance and held clinics for students that were managed by us.

Golf Complex Operations and Management

Considered a golfing legend in Asia, Llewellyn is the current coach of Indian Professional Champions Daniel Chopra and Jyoti Randhawa and China’s Liang Wen Chong. During his earlier years in the 80’s and 90’s was a regular visitor to India. He also taught Digvijay Singh and a host of other upcoming players like Gaurav Pratap Singh and Himmat Rai .

The swing mechanics taught by him were destined to provide true results. His curriculum is followed at the Academy. He says, "golf is about continual changes."