Summer Camp 19


Sandeep Parihar


Sandeep has years of experience as a fitness trainer Having done kick boxing, yoga, body building and speed training himself, plays golf , thus he knows exactly what the body needs to be a good golfer. He concentrates specifically on developing muscles, stability, balance, postural control and mental strength. The process starts from golf bio mechanic screening and then specific customized fitness programs designed to strengthen weak muscles of the individuals. He does golf fitness training programs for golfers Pro, Senior and Junior.


  • Diploma in Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Nad Meditation.
  • Certification in Strength Training, Circuit Training, Body Weight Training, Functional Training, Conditioning Training, Angular Training, Cross Fit, Medicine Ball Training, Kettle bell, Rope Training, Resistance Band Training, Rehabilitation Training
  • Diploma in Nutrition &Health Education
  • TPI Level -1 Certified instructor
  • GFFI Certified Personal Instructor