Summer Camp 19

Junior Golf

Golf Training Facility And Programmes At The School Sports Complex

Outdoor activities that develop large and small motor skills are nurtured best through sports; the game of Golf Inculcates discipline, equanimity in the joy of a win or acceptance of a defeat with grace. Today it’s the corporate manager’s skill accessory, a sports person aspiration with the largest prize money internationally, and a tool for character formation at kinder level. Undoubtedly it is the sport of the future and therefore today it must find a place in the child’s environment.

At IGPN Academy we understand the need for this skill development; our programs are designed for children of Nursery, Junior and Senior School. “We are committed to assist in making the student proficient at Golf “The game must be learnt early, with the correct method and technique.

Our BOT concept provides technical assistance to Build (Infrastructure in the space made available), facilitate acquisition of equipment at concession and assist to operate proven programmes through certified coaches, then Transfer the proud asset. All these and more come from the No 1 Golf Academy in NOIDA. Our esteemed clients are Pathways at NOIDA and Gurgaon, Greater Valley (GEMS) at Greater NOIDA, Khaitan Public School Ghaziabad, Rockwood School at NOIDA.

Invite us to present the outline proposal giving the Programme Structure, Infrastructure and brief about Pro Golf Academy achievements in training both at Corporate and Junior level. After an on site evaluation we can suggest a suitable facility as per area available.

The Conduct

Training Coaches certified by Indian National Golf Academy or by our Academy would train.

Golf Facility Infrastructure would be provided by the Institution. Pro Golf Academy can assist in the settingup on BOT basis.

Equipment As part of sponsorship Golf sets and balls can be arranged at concessional rates from Taylor Made, the international Golf equipment manufacturer.

Duration Through out the School Semesters.

Program Through out the School Semesters.

The Programme

Tier 1 Golf for All
During the designated physical training / games period, the facility along with the coach will be available to all students as part of the normal sports program.

Program IGPN has a specially designed program for beginners, it comprises: Basic principle and fundamentals of grip, posture and alignment, Swing mechanics, Short game orientation:- Putting, Chipping, Pitching & Bunker play, classes on etiquette, rules and scoring systems.

Duration Throughout the semester.

Cost The sport is provided as part of the games available in the complex.

Tier 2 Individual Golf Package during Zero hour
For those who have completed Tier 1. This is for students who sign up for individual lVideo Lessons. It will be held before and after the class hours in the morning and evening at the school premises.

Duration : 12 weeks.

Cost: Package is priced taking the school fee structure info consideration. Fees would be shared to amortize cost.

Tier 3 Advance Training Program
For those who have completed Tier 2. The students who show exceptional talent would sign up for this program. Participation at national junior events would be a natural outcome.

Program Improvement in Golf Swing, Course play, mental and physical training special to Golf. This will be an ongoing program at the nearest golf course.