Summer Camp 19


Sukhdev Singh

Sukhdev Singh better as known as Yogi , says there are many benefits for golfers who practise yoga. It is his motivation that which has inspired to ensure inclusion of his routines for IGPN students .

A yoga master at True Yoga in Singapore, who says it helps to focus the mind by giving better mental concentration. Yogi has worked with Mardan (2004 to 2009) as well as Asian and European Tour regular Randhawa, and from 2002 to 2005, he worked with more than 50 golfers on the Asian Tour.

He has also given professional tips to South African golfer Ernie Els, race car driver Narian Karthikeyan, 2004 Athens Olympics silver medalist trap shooter IIVS Rathore and the Indian cricket team on their triumphant Australian tour back in 2008.

"The key is the mind," says Yogi, 38, an Indian native who has been based in Singapore for five years. "When you play any game the first thing you need is muscle memory. When you're going to start anything in your life you're going to use your body and your conscious mind. If your conscious mind has less thought, then your level of concentration is better, and if you concentrate more on the ball then you're going to have better concentration and you're going to learn very quickly."

He adds that even though a golfer will know exactly what distance he can hit with a particular club, other details can start to sneak into the conscious mind, such as where the bunkers and water hazards are placed between the ball and the green. "What happens then is your muscles become tight," says Yogi.